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Interested in law school?

Prelaw students should definitely attend HPPLC's Law Day. You can meet with law school representatives and learn what law school admissions deans look for in an applications from the deans themselves! More »

Deciding to go to law school is one of the most important steps not only in a student's academic career but in their life.  It should be made only after the most careful consideration. The Health Professions and Prelaw Center will support and help guide you through this decision-making process. If you determine that law school is the correct path for you, we will assist you at every step of the complex and often confusing application process. Our mission is to help you become the most thoughtful, well-informed, well-prepared, and successful applicant possible.

Think you can’t make it??  THINK AGAIN!!  The most recent data available shows 86.29% of total IUB applicants (including alumni) to law schools were admitted to at least one law school in 2016 (the national admission rate was 75.81%).  IU Bloomington students who applied as seniors were even more successful, and were admitted at the phenomenol rate of 93.13%!


As you can see, for anyone who is committed to a career in law  --  there has NEVER been a better time to apply!  This situation is not likely to change soon.   



Please read through the relevant sections of this website prior to your first appointment.

For Freshmen or Those New to Prelaw:


Basics of What You Need to Know to be a Competitive Applicant


Preparation for and Details of the Application Process


Additional Resources for Prelaw Students and Applicants

High School Students and Parents

Important information for high school students and their parents. Also, an invitation to visit the Health Professions and Prelaw Center! Read more »

You can also read more about high school preparation for law school.

Applying to Law School?

First, make sure you register to receive prelaw email notices of events, workshops, group advising, and visits to IUB by Law School Admission Officials.