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How and When to Schedule Your First Prelaw Appointment


University Division students

should meet with their assigned UD academic advisor regarding preparation for law school. 


A note of caution:  While at IU there are many prelaw activities and events you can and eventually should attend.  We very much appreciate and understand your excitement at the prospect of getting deeply involved in prelaw activities. But your top priority is to successfully adjust to the rigors of college academics and establish the habits necessary to do well in all of your classes -- rather than to rush to over-extend yourself with extra-curricular activities.  Having a resume full of wonderful activities when you apply to law school will not compensate for a relatively lower GPA.  Once you are on reliably solid footing, start to explore they myriad of activities available to you.  This often occurs sophomore year.


Your UD advisor is best equipped to answer your prelaw questions at this stage, and can direct you to various prelaw activities when the time is right.


To make an appointment with your UD advisor today, click HERE


Once you have certified into your major, you are welcome to meet individually with a HPPLC Prelaw Advisor. 

Click HERE for instructions--then come back to this page to briefly review the material below (if time permits--there will be no "quiz" at your appointment).


Prior to your first appointment please read the Prelaw Advising Syllabus to acquaint yourself with the mutual expectations and learning outcomes you should achieve with your Prelaw Advisor during the course of your undergraduate experience. 


To prepare for your first meeting, consider looking over the "Overview of Prelaw for Freshman and Sophomore Years", and our outline for your "Preparation for the Study of Law".


Take a look at our Prelaw Self-Assessment Worksheet to gain insights into your motivation(s).

Consider the following questions:

1.  What factors have led you to consider law school?

2.  How do you foresee using a law degree?

3.  Where would you like to attend law school, and where would you like to live and work after law school graduation?


We look forward to meeting you!


To ask a quick question, feel free to email us at  Please allow 2-3 business days for a response--although we will try to respond sooner.