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"Prelaw" at Indiana University Bloomington

Are you thinking about the possibility of attending law school in the future? Congratulations and Welcome! That makes you a "prelaw" student. At IUB, "prelaw" is not a major, program, or series of courses. Similarly, law schools themselves have absolutely no required or prerequisite courses, and no preferred majors.

Read the sections below for more details and suggestions.


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HPPLC Advisors work in close collaboration with our University Division and Departmental academic advisor colleagues to help you become the best informed, most well-prepared, and successful applicant to law school. 

Our staff includes a "Minority Prelaw Advisor" who specializes in the needs of students from populations that traditionally have been underrepresented in law school and the legal profession: first-generation college, financially disadvantaged, and minority students.



What is your first priority as a new prelaw student at IU?

Your first and by far most important priority as a new prelaw student is to do well in your courses!  Make sure you have successfully adjusted to the rigors of college before you get too involved in extra-curricular activities. Too many seniors tell us they did poorly as freshmen because in high school they did well without having to study very much.  If this describes your situation, be aware that you may well have to quickly and substantially change your study habits. 

1. Attend office hours

2. Try to get in the habit of doing your work as you go along--it will make life easier later.

3. Take action at the first sign of trouble (anything below a B on your very first exam). 

4. Our best students (your future competition) ask for help, get it, and do even better.  It is a sign of taking responsibility, not weakness. 
    Do NOT put your GPA at risk. 

For more detailed suggestions, see our General Guide for Freshmen and Sophomores.


Review the numerous, practical prelaw services available at HPPLC:  Click HERE. 


A word about your "prelaw" MAJOR: 

First, there is no rush to find a major.  You'll have all of freshman year to work with your University Division advisor to find a good match.  Take your time to explore and find the best fit.  And don't be surprised if you change your mind at least once. 


What should you major in?  You have probably heard that law schools do not prefer one major over any other.  This is absolutely true.  The simplefact is, your major per se is a marginal factor in admissions, if it is even considered at all.  What is crucial, however, is your GPA in WHATEVER major you choose.  Thusfind a major that you genuinely enjoy, and one in which you can do well (these two factors are often related).The choice is really up to you.


Click HERE for more information on majors for prelaw students.  Every year IUB students from over 50 majors successfully apply to law schools around the country.  Thus any major or degree at IU is great preparation for law school.


To ask a quick question:  feel free to email us at  Please allow 2-3 business days for a response--although we will try to respond sooner..