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TIPS for making effective use of your time at LAW DAY! 



  1. The LAW SCHOOL FAIR provides you with an opportunity not just to gain in-depth information from school representatives, but to make a personal connection that may pay off when your application crosses their desk. 
  2. Casual but neat attire is fine.  More formal is also fine.
  3. Come prepared. Before the Fair, review the LIST OF SCHOOLS that will be attending. If you have time, review LAW SCHOOL WEBSITES to get a sense of the law schools and their programs. This will help you identify some of the programs of interest to you and which schools to target.
  4. Rank your schools, and visit the schools you are most interested in first. 
  5. HOWEVER, if you are interested in IUB Law - Maurer and the line is long, skip them!  Instead, call 812-855-4765 to make an individual appointment to speak with someone.  This advice comes directly from the Dean of Admissions:  “There is no need for students to visit us at the fair when they can do so in person.”
  6. TIP:  Spontaneously speak with reps from 3 schools you have not considered before—expand your horizons. 
  7. Consider preparing a list of 3-6 QUESTIONSConsider asking about their employment record, financial aid, course offerings, facilities, location, student life, faculty, and program reputation.  No need to be shy-- schools are expecting very tough questions, especially about employment opportunities. 
  8. If you have a particular interest such as a certain specialty area, say so.  Initiate conversation by asking a leading question such as, "Could you tell me about the programs you offer?"  or “What makes your Law School different from ... (you can keep it general, or feel free to mention their competition by name)?”
  9. Try to avoid asking about the basics that are readily available online, such as their median LSAT and GPA. 
  10. If you are not comfortable asking questions at this time, NO PROBLEM.  You can learn a lot by eavesdropping! 
  11. All reps are instructed to make notes of any interesting applicants; all can influence the admissions process.  Introduce yourself by giving your name, major, and year in school. Be prepared to shake hands!
  12. Smile! Be personable and talk conversationally with representatives.  Try to ask your questions, but be prepared to go with the natural flow of the conversation.
  13. BE CONFIDENT (but not arrogant) -- remember, applications are way down.  They need YOU! 
  14. Ask the representative for his/her card.  After a conversation, step back from the table, and take a minute to jot down anything memorable on the card.  Do it immediately while your memory is fresh.  You can write directly to them later in the process to follow up with any questions you may have--this is a good way to maintain contact and to demonstrate a continued interest in their school.

AFTER the fair (within a week or so): Send a follow-up email to the reps with whom you had good conversations.  Thank them and let them know that you enjoyed meeting them. State briefly what you appreciated learning from them.  If you have any other questions, ask.  Let them know if your conversation inspired or confirmed your desire to apply to this school.  95% of students will NOT do this—you will make an impression!  Now you’ve networked and created a great contact person for this school.  That’s what it’s all about.


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