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"Prelaw" at Indiana University Bloomington

Are you thinking about exploring the possibility of attending law school in the future? Congratulations and Welcome! That makes you a "prelaw" student! At IUB, "prelaw" is not a major, program, or series of courses. Law schools themselves have absolutely no required or prerequisite courses, and no preferred majors.

The term "prelaw" merely refers to any student or alumnus who is considering the possibility of law school at some point in the future. You do not have to be committed to the idea of attending law school to meet with a Prelaw Advisor, and you don't need to come in with specific questions.  Read the sections below for more details.

Notice the many Prelaw Events at IUB:

Before you do anything else: Please take 20 seconds to sign up to receive prelaw email announcements. The prelaw list informs you of upcoming events, programs, LSAT and law school admission workshops, and visits to IU by law school admission officials from around the country who want to meet YOU! We strongly recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities (which are not available to other college students nationwide). You will only receive email of interest to prelaw students and relevant to your year in school. The Prelaw email list is the only way we send official notice of prelaw events at IU! Please subscribe NOW!

Prelaw Advising at Indiana University Bloomington



Our staff includes a "Minority Prelaw Advisor" who specializes in the needs of students from populations that traditionally have been underrepresented in law school and the legal profession: first-generation college, financially disadvantaged, and minority students.

The role of Prelaw Advisors is to help Indiana University students and alumni make informed decisions about law school. The HPPLC office also provides numerous practical services for preprofessional students. Read our publication. 

If you are a freshman, the office of your assigned academic advisor should be your first destination as you begin your journey as a prelaw student at IUB. 



Your First Prelaw Appointment

Prior to your first appointment it might be useful for you to consider the following questions. (Obviously, there are no correct answers, and you may not be able to answer every question):

  1. What factors have led you to consider law school?
  2. How do you foresee using a law degree?
  3. Where would you like to attend law school, and where would you like to live and work after law school graduation?
  4. Do you have work, volunteer, academic, or personal experience with lawyers or a law-related field?
  5. When do you plan to take the LSAT, and how would you prepare for this exam?

In addition, please review the following web pages:

Preparation for the Study of Law
General Guide - Freshmen & Sophomores

We look forward to meeting you!

Remember, you don't have to be sure about law school to speak with a HPPLC Prelaw Advisor. But if you do decide that law school is the path for you, our mission is to help you become the best prepared, most well-informed, and successful applicant possible.