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Faculty and Letters of Recommendation


It is critical for applicants to any post-graduate study program to get to know the faculty well. Faculty are a valuable source of advice, plus they alone write the all-important academic letters of recommendation (LOR). Law school applicants should plan on submitting at least two faculty letters, and possible more. Keep in mind that you should apply to law schools by November of your senior year if at all possible. Thus, you must start accumulating letters when a junior at the latest. Earlier can be appropriate as well.  Ask for a letter when your performance is fresh in the mind of the recommender. 

It is often wise to seek out smaller classes, and perhaps repeat a professor with whom you have been successful. We suggest that you try to get to know at least one professor per semester reasonably well. Go to office hours even if you do not have questions about the material (and students who do well often do not have questions). Truly great letters can make a difference; a poor letter may make admission difficult.

HPPLC has partnered with Interfolio, the premier web-based credentials management service.  If you obtain letters ahead of time, you may want to consider opening an account with Interfolio.  They will hold your letters until you are ready to send them to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), the mandatory LSAC account through which you must submit all application materials, including letters.  Thus Interfolio is completely optional, and is only in addition to the CAS (not instead of).  All applicants must use the CAS to send their letters to the law schools--no exceptions.  For more details about the HPPLC/Interfolio partnership, click HERE.  For more information about Interfolio, see

Not sure who to ask, or how? Can't figure out how to get these letters to the law schools?  Confused by the CAS procedures and how to set up this mandatory account?
  You are not alone!!!  For details about how to ask for letters, whom specifically to ask, what forms and guidelines you'll need to give the writers, and for STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS for the complex process of arranging for your letters to be sent to the CAS and the law schools themselves, PLEASE REVIEW THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HERE,

Remember, the application process is complicated and a bit arcane. Expect confusion.
If you have questions or problems, please email your HPPLC Prelaw Advisor ASAP!