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Activities and Interests


These include volunteer work (can be very important to some law schools, especially those that stress service), internships, employment, study abroad, active membership or leadership in clubs and organizations, extra curriculars, hobbies, sports, etc. Again, such activities need not be law-related. Law schools prefer evidence of commitment and leadership in one or two activities to mere membership in a long list of organizations.   They like to see that you are passionate about something worthwhile.  It can be helpful if your activities in part take you out of the typical college "comfort zone" to deal directly with people who are "not like you."

The "extras" you bring to a law school are often discussed in the personal statement and resume.


FRESHMEN:  do NOT get overly involved until you are sure you have established the habits to maintain a solid academic record.  Be cautious. Activities cannot compensate for a relatively lower GPA (and especially not for a lower LSAT).  Keep all of these issues in perspective.

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