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Prelaw Recommended Reading List


For another comprehensive list of suggested readings, see the Law School Admission Council's recommendations.



Lisa Abrams (published by the National Association For Law Placement) The Official Guide to Legal Specialties

Walt Bachman, Law v. Life: What Lawyers are Afraid to Say about the Legal Profession

F. Lee Bailey, To Be a Trial Lawyer

Susan J. Bell, Full Disclosure: Do You Really Want to Be a Lawyer?

Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, The Nature of the Judicial Process

Ronald Dworkin, Law's Empire

Lois Forer, Money and Justice

Hindi Greenberg, The Lawyer's Career Change Handbook: More Than 300 Things You Can do With A Law Degree

Jonathan Harr, A Civil Action

H.L.A. Hart, Punishment and Responsibility

Martin Horwitz, The Transformation of American Law

Peter Irons, The Courage of their Convictions

Richard D. Kahlenberg, Broken Contract: A Memoir of Harvard Law School

David Kairys, The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique

Michael J. Kelly, Lives of Lawyers: Journeys in the Organizations of Practice

Martha Kimes, Ivy Briefs: True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student

Barbara Kingsolver, Pigs in Heaven

Arthur Kinoy, Rights on Trial: The Odyssey of a People's Lawyer

Richard Kluger, Simple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's Struggle for Equality

Anthony Kronman, The Lost Lawyer: Failing Ideals of the Legal Profession

Edward H. Levi, Introduction to Legal Reasoning

Anthony Lewis, Gideon's Trumpet

Sol M. Linowitz, The Betrayed Profession: Lawyering at the End of the Twentieth Century

Richard W. Moll, The Lure of the Law: Why People Become Lawyers, and What the Profession Does to Them

Brian Porto, May it Please the Court

Deborah Schneider, Should You Really Be A Lawyer: The Guide to Smart Career Choices by Deborah Schneider

Deborah Schneider and Gary Belsky, Before, During & After Law School

Frank Schubert, Introduction to Law and the Legal System

Enika Schulze and Susan Patterson, Introduction to the American Legal System

Benjamin Sells, The Soul of the Law

Gerry Spence, With Justice for None

Gerald M. Stern, The Buffalo Creek Disaster

Christopher D. Stone, Should Trees Have Standing? And Other Essays on Law, Morals and the Environment

Cameron Stracher, Double Billing: A Young Lawyer's Tale of Greed, Sex, Lies, and the Pursuit of a Swivel Chair

Jeffrey Toobin, Too Close to Call: The Thirty-Six-Day Battle to Decide the Election of 2000

-------------------, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court

Scott Turow, 1-L

Ralph Warner and Toni Ihara, 29 Reasons Not to Go to Law School

Alex Wellen, Barman: Ping-pong, Pathos, and Passing the Bar

Bob Woodward, The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court