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Application Timelines


Remember to consider the application process from the point of view of the law schools. Just as applicants are competing to be admitted, schools are competing with each other to attract the best students. Similarly ranked schools see themselves in competition for the same pool of applicants, much like athletic programs compete for athletes. Law schools know that if they accept an applicant sooner rather than later, the chances are higher that this person will actually enroll. Therefore, you will give yourself the best chance of admission if your completed application (which includes the Credential Assembly Service report and letters of recommendation) is one of the first reviewed rather than one of the last. Law schools do not wait for late applications to fill their classes.

Virtually every law school has a "rolling admissions" policy, which means they begin admitting and denying applicants--and thus giving away their limited seats --as they start looking at applications in the fall. This process often begins in November. By the time the deadline arrives, they may have relatively few openings still available. 

Unfortunately, and unnecessarily, every year many applicants with outstanding academic records and great LSAT scores are denied by schools that would have admitted them had they merely applied earlier in the application cycle.

Organization and advance planning are key.

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