Health Professions and Prelaw Center

Applying to Medical School


Your initial contact with the medical school admissions committee will be through your written application. Submitting complete, polished documents that you have spent some time preparing will reflect well on your potential as a medical student and future physician. Your ability to communicate to the committee through the application will reflect on the abilities you will bring to the practice of medicine.

Organization is key. Many applicants with outstanding academic records and stellar MCAT scores do not gain admission because they fail to submit materials in an organized and timely manner. You will give yourself the best chance of admission if your completed application (including secondary applications and letters of recommendation) is one of the first reviewed by medical schools rather than one of the last. Remember that just as applicants are competing to be admitted, schools are competing for the best students and do not wait on late applications to fill their classes.

Apply as the strongest applicant you can be. The first question to ask before you start your application is whether you are ready to apply to medical school. You should apply as the strongest applicant you can be. If you have recognizable weaknesses in your candidacy, you should consider delaying application to medical school until you can address these weaknesses (for information on the range of MCAT score required for admission to medical schools please consult the MCAT webpage). You can earn a lot of respect from an admissions committee by having the maturity to recognize weaknesses and do the hard work to address them before you apply.

The process of applying to most medical schools involves a two-step process: 1) you fill out one online primary application and select the schools you would like to receive your application; 2) those schools receive your primary application and if they would like to consider you further for admission they send you secondary application materials to submit.

If you are getting ready to apply to medical school please check our events calendar for the dates of the HPPLC Medical School Application Workshops to attend in the spring semester, and obtain a current edition of the HPPLC publication "A Guide For Applicants To Medical School."