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Keeping a Premedical Journal

Keeping a premed journal can be very helpful while beginning the process of preparing for a career in medicine. No matter where you are in the process of preparing for medical school, you can begin a file on your computer or start keeping a notebook for a premed journal. Use it to record any thoughts you have at any time about what interests you about a career in medicine and how you are preparing for it. Often you may find that you get more out of activities if you spend some time writing about them and reflecting upon what you have experienced.


Topics for writing in your premed journal could include experiences that initially sparked your interest in medicine, or any experiences that you have had while observing in a medical environment that have clarified for you that a career in medicine is the right fit for you.

Sometimes you may find that when you sit down to write, you start out with one thought, which leads to another thought, and then another, and by the end you have thought about something that you never thought about before. This is a very beneficial process for students before they begin the application process.

Your premed journal can be very helpful later when you reach the application stage. When you begin to write your personal statement for your medical school application you may find that you already have written some material that you can revise and expand into your personal statement. Your journal also can be very helpful when preparing additional essays required for secondary applications and in preparing for your interviews. If you keep a record of the process you are going through in preparing for a career in medicine you will have a very valuable resource to help you throughout the entire admission process.