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GPA Calculators


What GPA Calculators Are For
(And Why You Should Use Them)

Having a clear, realistic understanding of where your GPA is heading, or what the possibilities are, is especially important for preprofessional students pursuing admission to competitive programs.

We understand this information can be daunting too, so if you have concerns about your GPA or level of competitiveness we encourage you to talk with a HPPLC advisor! We can help you assess your circumstances, level of competitiveness, and options, as well as offer honest, constructive feedback about any steps you can take to enhance your success.


By making the calculations explained below you can learn what GPA range you can expect to achieve in the time you have left prior to submitting applications to health or law professional programs. In turn, you will be able to make better-informed decisions about your goals, and thereby create a more specific plan of action tailored to your circumstances. (And HPPLC advisors are here to help you with that! Simply click the Make An Appointment link on our homepage.)

In conjunction with the GPA calculators posted in the next section:



GPA Calculators

You will find many GPA calculators online; we think the ones below are particularly useful for preprofessional students. Each one serves a different purpose in helping you gauge your current standing or helping you project future possibilities.

Calculate how many credit hours with a given GPA you would need in order to reach your desired GPA.

For instance, "I've completed 60 credit hours and have a 3.2 cumulative GPA. How many credit hours at 3.75 do I need to reach a 3.5 cumulative?" and so on.

Determine whether you can reach a given cumulative GPA within the number of credit hours you have left to complete. Also, learn what is the best possible GPA you can earn within that number of credit hours.

For instance, "I have 30 credits remaining to boost my application GPA. Can I reach a 3.6 by then?"

While it's intended primarily to calculate semester GPA, you can also use the IUB semester GPA calculator to estimate your science or prerequisite GPA. Simply plug in your prerequisite or science coursework credit hours, along with final or best-guess grades. You can even use it to calculate different grade and GPA scenarios so you can learn where you might stand in terms of GPA as you research programs to find ones within your likely competitive range.

Note: When you click the above link a popup window appears, into which you will enter the number of classes you are including in your calculation. In the calculator itself you do not need to enter Semester Credit Points; the system will calculate those for you.




This information was prepared for Indiana University Bloomington students by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center. Please note that specific requirements and policies can change at any time without notice. Students are responsible for obtaining the most current information directly from application and testing services, and the schools and programs in which they have an interest. Refer to each program's web pages, bulletins, and other publications for the most current information. Students are responsible for understanding degree course requirements, as well as other requirements, policies, and procedures related to the degree(s) they are pursuing; for enrolling in appropriate courses; for understanding IU policies/procedures; and for following through properly with regard to all of the preceding.