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Managing The Stress
Of Being A Prehealth Student

(A collaboration between HPPLC, CAPS, and IUB preprofessional students)


Feeling Stressed? You Are Not Alone!

If you feel stressed over the competitive and often uncertain nature of the health professions admission process, you are not alone! Most prehealth students experience anxiety stemming from the pressures they put on themselves, the pressures they feel when comparing themselves to peers who are on similar career paths, and / or pressures felt from parents (who often have their own perspective on what the best path is for their student).


To help with these common challenges, the Health Professions and Prelaw Center and Counseling and Psychological Services have developed resources we call Managing The Stress Of being a Prehealth Student. Hundreds of students have found it helpful to attend the group sessions offered each Fall and Spring, to consult the Power Point (below), and / or to meet with someone in HPPLC or CAPS.


We encourage you to periodically check the HPPLC events calendar and consider attending a Managing The Stress Of being a Prehealth Student session, which present a no-pressure setting in which you can pick up some specific, practical ideas and strategies.


Please consult the Power Point and additional information below.



Specific Ideas And Solutions

In the Managing Stress slide deck, and Managing The Stress Of being a Prehealth Student group sessions co-presented by HPPLC and CAPS each Fall and Spring semester, we provide concrete ideas you can implement to reduce your level of preprofessional anxiety:

  • Constructive ways to respond to the pressures of being a very busy preprofessional student, who must also be academically successful beyond what many of your peers must achieve;
  • Constructive ways to respond to the pressure and sense of competition you might feel in relation to peers who might be applying to the same professional programs as yourself;
  • Specific ways to cope with the stress that often comes with changing (or even thinking about changing) your career path - changes which are sometimes unexpected, or even unwanted (e.g., when students realize they will not be competitive for admission, or find themselves unanchored when they realize they've been on the "wrong" path);
  • Concrete ways to take care of yourself that take very little time but offer huge pay-offs;
  • Specific language you can use if you feel parental or peer pressure to pursue a path you don't feel best suits your own talents, interests, or career goals.

The focus in the Power Point and the live session is on providing very concrete and specific solutions you can put into action. Reducing your level of preprofessional anxiety can lead to making better personal, academic, and career decisions, and can also help you more fully enjoy your undergraduate experience! The sessions themselves present a no-pressure, non-judgmental setting in which to pick up some useful ideas.

We encourage you to utilize HPPLC and CAPS services as needed. Current IUB students and alumni are welcome to schedule an appointment with a HPPLC advisor to discuss topics or concerns related to their preprofessional circumstances. Current students are also welcome to schedule a CAPS appointment to discuss any concerns or circumstances with a counselor.

Exploring Health Professions?

Make sure to attend the annual Health Programs Fair, where you can meet directly with representatives of health professions programs from across the country!




This information was prepared for Indiana University Bloomington students by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center. Please note that specific requirements and policies can change at any time without notice. Students are responsible for obtaining the most current information directly from application and testing services, and the schools and programs in which they have an interest. Refer to each program's web pages, bulletins, and other publications for the most current information. Students are responsible for understanding degree course requirements, as well as other requirements, policies, and procedures related to the degree(s) they are pursuing; for enrolling in appropriate courses; for understanding IU policies/procedures; and for following through properly with regard to all of the preceding.