Health Professions and Prelaw Center

Community Service Experience

Dental school admissions committees prefer applicants who demonstrate a long-term commitment to serving others. If you plan to apply to dental school you should endeavor to gain experience serving the community through volunteer activities. Community service activities are very important in helping you build the interpersonal skills you will need as a dentist. Admissions committees prefer a few meaningful experiences over a long period of time rather than a list of scattered, superficial activities, like participating in an occasional fundraiser.

In selecting volunteer activities, you may wish to consider the particular skill set that a dentist requires.  A dentist needs to have skills in providing comfort and reassurance to patients who are nervous and apprehensive about undergoing dental procedures.  Volunteering in a role that requires you to work directly with clients requiring support and assistance may give you opportunities to develop transferable skills that will be valuable in your future role as a dentist.

The resources below can help you connect with community service opportunities in our area.

The City of Bloomington lists numerous volunteer opportunities in our community, and is updated every week.

The Office of Service-Learning offers service-learning opportunities that combine college coursework with community service. Please see their website for information on their programs.

For more community service opportunities consult the HPPLC Volunteer Opportunities page.