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How to UNSUBSCRIBE from a HPPLC Email List


To unsubscribe from any HPPLC list

1.  Go to  (the LIST.INDIANA.EDU Mailing Lists homepage).

2.  Click on the "IU Credential Login
" (small red oval in the center of the page).

3.  Log in with your IU username and passphrase.

4.  On top of left column click "MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS.

5.  Uncheck the list(s) from which you want to be deleted.


6.  Click the red "Unsubscribe" oval at the very bottom of the page.

You should then receive an email stating that you have been "unsubscribed" from the list(s).

If you wish to add yourself to a different HPPLC list, click HERE and log in.

If you have problems, please call UITS at 812.855.6789 or email HPPLC at