How do I know if law school is for me?

How do I know if a law career is right for me?

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn about legal careers and the experience of law school. Come to HPPLC’s events for prelaw students. Make sure to attend IU’s Law Day, when over 100 law schools will be here on the IU campus to meet with IU students. Visit law schools and sit in on a law school class meeting. Speak with and shadow attorneys, and visit your local courts when trials are in session. Meet with a HPPLC prelaw advisor to discuss your interests, values, and motivations, and create a personalized plan for success.


Lawyers are wordsmiths. They translate legal language into lay language, and translate lay language into legal language. Strong verbal skills are important for success in law.

Problem solving

Lawyers must think strategically about how to resolve problems. Being able to objectively analyze a situation and identify possible solutions will serve you well in this career.

Justice advocates

Lawyers advocate for justice and fairness for their clients. If you take great satisfaction in seeing that equitable and impartial decisions are made, you may enjoy working in the legal field.