Explore Law

Could law be right for you?

Think about your strengths. What kind of work do you find most satisfying? If you identify with the skills and interests indicated below, law school and a career in law may be right for you. Law can be a great option for students who excel in and enjoy:

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Problem Solving
  • Debate
  • Negotiation

IU Bloomington Students and Alumni

If you are an IU Bloomington student considering law school, you’ve come to the right place. The Health Professions and Prelaw Center provides advising and other services for IU Bloomington students or alumni interested in pursuing law school. 

Come meet with the HPPLC Prelaw Advisor to discuss the possibilities.

Opportunities for students interested in law

There are also many other opportunities through the Health Professions and Prelaw Center to test out your interest in law:

  • IU Law Day – More than 100 law schools visit our campus in the fall!
  • Visits from Law School Deans of Admission
  • Prelaw Clubs and Fraternities
  • Opportunities to Visit Law Class Meetings

Information for Prelaw Students

Current undergraduate students can find resources for getting started, preparing for your career, suggested coursework, and how to apply to graduate school in our HPPLC Guidebook. You can find prelaw information in the Law section, or if you're just starting out, visit the new students section first for general new student resources and first steps for new students interested in law.